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Writing business emails is so awful!!! Simple Solution

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Ding, dong!

New email notification. Nothing else, yet Steve could feel his pulse beating in his ears, blocking out all other sounds except the heavy breath that was stirring in and out of his mouth. Nothing else mattered. Such anxiety is not new for him. In his entire career as customer experience manager, Steve always had nervousness regarding replying emails. In face to face scenario he confidently and smartly corresponds with various parties. He has expertise or knowledge in his industry compass. But when he tries to communicate through email, it takes time to arrange the words and sentences to express what he wish to convey to the person or interest group. Steve also need to write identical types of emails regarding sales, customer service and customer management in a regular basis. Spending valuable working hours in writing repetitive email correspondence is unproductive and undesirable.

According to Mckinsey & CompanyCorporate users spend weekly 13 working hours in their email inbox (on average).” This means daily more than two and half hours spent dealing email communication only. Maximum portion of this time slot is occupied in replying emails.

Sounds familiar? Not only Steve, so many of us in the business world encounter the same scenario in a regular basis. It’s not like we have no clue about the information we need to convey as the reply of any incoming email to establish a meaningful communication. We do hold the proper response message in our brain. After hitting the reply button when we try to write it down we feel lost in transition searching for appropriate words to channel the message from our brain to the email body. Clock keeps ticking. We either keep starring at the blank screen or move back and forth in between one or two lines with rearrange ideas. Are you having the same misery? If your response is affirmative, I have a solution for you.

iXora Solution Ltd. came with a perfect solution, SMART Template (Outlook) to take away your headache and save your valuable working hours. SMART Template is a simple add-in for Outlook with a rich collection of business email templates. Categorized email templates are a click away for you in Office 365. Key features of this add-in are as follows -

Splendid Email Templates Collection

Initially 100+ professional email templates collection to match your pre-requisite needs covering all the major aspects you need to deal in business communication. Templates are sorted into different categories like sales, accounting and finance, customer service, payments and creditors, and customer relation for easy access. Just click on the desired template from the list and the email subject and body will be added into your mail. SMART Template will help you in answering the emails with minimum time and effort.

Quick Search Flexibility

Quick search facility lets you instantly search through all the templates in different categories to find the right template for your purpose of use enabling premium mailing experience. Search can be done through all or any specific email category.

Swift Preview Option

Just move the mouse pointer over any specific template, the preview will be appeared in the screen. Now if you wish to use it, click on it to add to your mail composition. Amend the text inside the marked portions of the content as necessary and send, that’s it.


Personal Custom Template Creation

Quickly customize template contents to make them your own or store your own writings as template in the cloud. Mails that need to be sent frequently with similar type of content can be saved as a template and stored for future use. And these templates are accessible from anyplace as they are stored in the cloud (Microsoft Azure). This feature works only in Outlook 2016 and Outlook Online.

Sometimes you want to change, add or eliminate a specific part of a template or merely give it a personal touch. Don’t hesitate, go ahead, write down what you want to add, abstract or modify. Now save it as your personal customized template. It will be saved with all the formatting and structuring change you have applied. Next time it’s just a click away.

As an organized businessman you may already have some draft emails which are frequently used. Simply add them in “My Templates” section so that you can have all your important email stuffs in a place which will make it easier to get appropriate emails without any hazard.

Easily get rid of unused templates

You have the option to remove any unused or unnecessary template from My templates. Just click on the cross icon on the right of the template name on the My templates list and then confirm that you really want to delete the template. Voila! Job accomplished.

Quality Email Templates

All the templates are composed by professional and proficient writers. The collection is effective in business communication and 100% error free. It will save tons of time which you usually waste in composing emails. Now you can engage your precious time and energy in more productive work instead of wondering about the formal way to answer an email without creating obligation.


After reviewing the key features of SMART Templates, it seems a great deal, right? If you are interested, you can purchase this application from Microsoft Office Store.

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