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“Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.”


We are a team of proficient software engineers and business management professionals who are always ready to work on any of your business automation related issues. Having practical experience over 10 years in software development is the core of our team members which you can rely on without hesitation. You will easily find the technical team you are searching for, because each and every one of us is proficient in different programming languages and platforms to build your dream project comes true.

Our Expertise


“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.”


Only skill is not enough to excel in a subject excluding passion. We are as skilled as passionate about what we do, software development. Enterprise application development and testing is no longer a task for us, it’s a way of living, giving food to our brain, an opportunity to develop ourselves, and a great scope to show our potentiality.
Our zealousness about IT and business reflects in our leisure period because we like to discuss about latest technology with our fellow members and try to keep abreast about all latest business automation news. Passion about creating something outstanding and genius is also the same drive you are looking for. And you won’t be disappointed by our commitment, dedication, and passion about the work.


“Daily ripples of excellence over time become a tsunami of success.”


Every little step in the right direction makes us closer toward our goal. We follow and practice customized agile software development process because when we are shaping your dreams every details is important to you and we should let you know what we are going to do so that you can add your creativity and thoughts with ours. Finally, the brain child of yours should be as effective and working as you expect.

Our Process


“What we practice daily is what we build a life on.”


In iXora we share and nurture healthy and friendly relationships inside and outside the organization. We practice a very candid communication method that our team members and clients can effortlessly and comfortably understand each other. To bring the team members close we practice different indoor and outdoor games, team building, and motivational activities. Years of experience in the software development industry working with the clients around the globe increased our cultural adaptability. As all of us have the experience in software development process including the CEO and management level, we can easily realize each other’s problem and spontaneously try to solve it. Honestly speaking top level management is more accessible here than any other company.


“Pricing has nothing to do with numbers.”


We are not going to offer you the lowest price in the earth. But we ensure after getting our service you will realize that in comparison to the quality and performance, you are tagged with a low price. Our main target is to make a software product which will fulfill your requirements and gives you the benefit you desire. It is sensible to go for the product or service which may seems costly but useful rather than cheap but less effective.


Advancing ahead through sustainable growth, service delivery excellence, and increased customer satisfaction

Adactit - Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year Award 2015

Adactit wins the global Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year Award 2015

iGlobe - Office App Awards - Best International Developers

iGlobe wins the Microsoft Office App Awards 2015 for Best International Developers

Basis Outsourcing Award

iXora Solution wins the Basis Outsourcing Award 2015

Daffodil Freelancers Meet Award

iXora Solution wins the Daffodil Freelancers Meet Award 2015