SMART Template (outlook)

Fast and easy mail writing with hundreds of professional email templates in cloud

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Business email communication is a tricky concern to deal with. Managers and executives spend around one fourth of their daily work hours dealing with this mess. It is hard to convey your messages in writing format. iXora Solution developed a rich collection of business email templates to save your time and energy. Categorized email templates are a click away for you in Office 365. SMART Template is a standalone application in office 365.

SMART Template

Key Features:

  • Rich collection of email templates.
  • All the important regular business concerns are covered.
  • Freedom to create your own templates and save it for future use.
  • Enrich user experience and add value to Office 365.

Save your own templates in the cloud

Mails that need to be sent frequently with similar type of content can be saved as a template and stored for future use. And these templates are accessible from anyplace as they are stored in the cloud (Microsoft Azure). This feature works only in Outlook 2016 and Outlook Online.

SMART Template (outlook) save template

Easily get rid of unused templates

You have the option of removing the unused or unnecessary templates from My templates. Just click on the cross icon on the right of the template name on the My templates list and then confirm that you really want to delete the template.

SMART Template (outlook) delete template

Take a peek before using a template

Before using a temple you have the option of getting a preview of the content of the mail by moving your mouse over it.

SMART Template (outlook) preview

Single click to insert template into mail

It takes only a click to insert the template content into the mail. Just click on the desired template and the Subject and Body text of the template gets inserted into the mail

SMART Template (outlook) insert text

Wide Range of Templates to choose from

SMART Template (outlook) comes up hundreds of professional email templates collected from different educational and expert sources and sorted into different categories for your everyday business needs

SMART Template (outlook) template list

Quick search to find the right template

Quick search facility lets you instantly search through all the templates in different categories to find the right template for your purpose of use.

SMART Template (outlook) quick search