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Writing business emails is so awful!!! Simple Solution Ding, dong! New email notification. Nothing else, yet Steve could feel his pulse beating in his ears, blocking out all other sounds except the heavy breath that was stirring in and out of his mouth. Nothing else mattered. Such anxiety is not new for him. In his entire career as customer experience manager, Steve always had nervousness regarding replying emails. In face to face scenario he confidently and smartly corresponds with various parties. He has expertise or knowledge in his industry compass. But when he tries to communicate through email, it takes time to arrange the words and sentences to express...
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Here, I am going to cover the basics of Try-Catch error handling mechanism in T-SQL which is introduced in SQL Server 2005. It includes the usage of error functions to return information about the error using the Try-Catch block in the queries.

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Big Data Analysis and Traditional ETL Tool In this article I will try to describe concept of Big Data and will also describe how ETL process handle Big Data. I will also describe how the traditional ETL works with Big Data.  Background To understand Big Data and its analysis I will cover some important parts:  What is Big Data? Source of Big Data How to understand the data is Big Data? Why a processing needs to be done in given time frame? What is ETL? Extract Transform Load Real world example of typical ETL Staging Tables Dimension Tables Fact Tables Aggregate tables View Table Report Table Which others...
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Emerging as a prominent and trustworthy name in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, Bangladesh is a land of prospects and opportunities. In ready-made garments and pharmaceuticals we have already resembled to excellence and supremacy worldwide. Whereas considering as young in ICT sector Bangladesh delivers world class service. Tertiary educated, efficient and result driven manpower with established infrastructure you can confidently enunciate 'Bangladesh' as the upcoming role model in this sphere. Bangladesh has been progressing by leaps and bounds in the last few years in creating a benchmark. Personal achievements in this sector are mention-able but this is the high time...
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In a software development project there are many people involved with variety of skills and reasons. Like analyst, architect, developer, QA, tester etc. There is a misconception about including a project manager in the team. Initially it may seem that a PM will increase the cost of the project but in reality a project manager act as the key success factor.

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