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Business Intelligence Query (BIQ)

  • Technology: Scala, JQuary, CanJS, HTML, Play Framework, MongoDB, MySQL, InfoBright, Amazon Redshift
  • Business domain: Enterprise BI, Financial, Manufacturing and Food Service


BIQ is a Business Intelligence tool where you can define query, test the query with reports of your own and then save the reports for future use. You can also share those reports to other people inside or outside the organization. You can drill down into reports and view graphical representation. BIQ is used to back an extensive array of business decisions ranging from functional to strategic decision making.

  • Responsive UI and interactive user manual.
  • Rich data filtering capability.
  • Visual report creating tools.
  • Pivot analysis of report.


  • Technology: Scala, JQuary, CanJS, HTML, Play Framework, MongoDB, MySql, InfoBright, Amazon Redshift
  • Business domain: Enterprise


Dashboard is an analytical tool where you can pre configure different data sources to represent different types of reports. Filters for reports are also configurable. Dashboard facilitates the top level management to have an eye on the operational performance of the business and take decisions lean on statistics and reports.

  • Apply pre-defined reports and ad hoc data filters.
  • Multiple level report drill down action.
  • Report Preview mode and grouping reports.
  • Customized data filters adding capability in filter library.

iGlobe CRM Office 365

  • Technology: SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, JavaScript, .Net, C#, WCF
  • Business domain: Customer Relationship Management


A complete CRM solution for Office365 to manage Customers, Contacts and Sales opportunities. It helps to keep track of each email, documents, meeting notes and contracts. It increases efficiency in customer management and following up potential customers.

  • High-quality SharePoint CRM solution for users worldwide (in 5 languages).
  • Native SharePoint infrastructure for simplicity and cost savings, and Excel for reporting.
  • Online Accounting integration (e-conomic, Saasu – Online, Exact – Online, Xero).
  • Enhance user experience and add value to Office 365.

iGlobe eMarketing

  • Technology: SQL Server, SharePoint, Azure, C#, JavaScript, Azure WebJobs, ASP .Net MVC, Web API
  • Business domain: Marketing


iGlobe eMarketing provides automated, efficient, collaborative, and measurable email marketing solution. This application helps customers preparing subscription and web forms to get subscribers information as well as helps creating dynamic newsletter campaign.

  • Sophisticated functionality to create, track, schedule, and deliver your messages.
  • Track email requests, deliveries, bounces, clicks, opens, unsubscribes, Social sharing and more.
  • Analyze data for marketing decision.
  • Integration with Office 365, Microsoft CRM and SendGrid.

iGlobe Expense Management

  • Technology: Angular JS, SQL Server, SharePoint, Azure, C#, ASP .Net API
  • Business domain: Finance


iGlobe Expense Management automates credit card expense reporting. Automating travel expense reporting save time and resources for both the traveler and related administration. The app secures a significantly shorter approval cycle and faster reimbursement to employees.

  • Direct data-integration into selected finance systems such as QuickBooks.
  • Easy plug & play solution with seamless integration into Office 365.
  • Electronic transactions for easy handling and filing to eliminate errors and missing receipts.
  • Clear and secure financial overview.

Adactit Document Handler

  • Technology: SharePoint, SQL Server, ASP .Net Web form, C#, JavaScript
  • Business domain: Operation Management


SharePoint Online is great for managing files except the lack of a user-friendly way to copy and move files. Adactit Document Handler App enables easy copy and move files across SharePoint Online platform resulting improved organizational productivity using Office 365.

  • Easy out-of-the-box copying and moving files on SharePoint Online.
  • Option to move files across the document libraries.
  • Move or copy files from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint Online sites.
  • Moving files across site collections.

Adactit El-Haste

  • Technology: SharePoint, Office 365, jQuery, HTML5, .Net, C#
  • Business domain: Transport Operation


Adactit EI-Haste is a customizable vehicle fleet management and tracking software system which simplify vehicle management operation. Managers, supervisors, drivers, and vendors can work together efficiently by using this user friendly software application.

  • Web and mobile interface to keep everyone onboard.
  • Powerful integration like GPS tracking.
  • Standardize driver scheduling by assigning vehicles to drivers depending on track assignment history.
  • Optimum productivity of organizational transportation pool.


  • Technology: C# MVC, JQuary, SQL Server, Cordova, JQuary Mobile
  • Business domain: Education


Kursusbasen is the largest course management application in Denmark which creates an overview of the total supply of courses nationwide. All the courses are categorized in terms of subject, location and price, etc. Kursusbasen acts as a centralized knowledge industry hub which benefit both training provider and seeker.

  • Course performance and participants tracking attributes.
  • Budget tracking and automated message communication.
  • Customized search filtering options.
  • Analytical forecasting regarding course trends.


  • Technology: Angular JS, SQL Server, Web API, C#, MVVM, WK2PDF
  • Business domain: Legal


BLAST CMS facilitates case tracking, incorporating current case status, identification of delays, and next steps to be taken along with outcomes, as well as research on the nature and type of cases. This Case Management System upholds teamwork and networking to improve stakeholders’ performance throughout nineteen district level unit offices with the head office.

  • Web based case management and reporting application.
  • Dashboard containing visual reports and statistics.
  • Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) diagnosing trends to help in future policy making.
  • Up-grading scope to accommodate additional options of analysis and research.

Max Sibbern Service System

  • Technology: Angular JS, Web API, C#, .net, SQL Server, Bootstrap
  • Business domain: Customer Relationship Management


Sanitary service management system enables to record and process customer complaints or new quarries regarding sanitary services provided by Max Sibbern. This application processes company’s sanitary services by proper management of enlisted plumbers, material warehouses, and customers all together resulting better customer service.

  • Automated SMS delivery to the plumber regarding any new order details.
  • Real time sync between material warehouses, sales department, and service department.
  • Analyze data to identify sanitary service trends.
  • iGlobe CRM integration.

Max Sibbern Marketing

  • Technology: Angular JS, Web API, SQL Server, Bootstrap
  • Business domain: Marketing


Max Sibbern Marketing application empowers in recording and processing marketing sponsorships related activities connecting with wholesalers, distributors and parent supplier of toilets and bathroom equipment. This customized solution helps the company to track, record, and analyze brand promotional spending and actions.

  • Creating multiple marketing activities simultaneously.
  • Multiple sponsorship creation.
  • Sponsorship negotiation privileged by required data support.
  • iGlobe CRM integration.

Max Sibbern Construction

  • Technology: Angular JS, Web API, SQL Server, Bootstrap
  • Business domain: Marketing


Max Sibbern construction application facilitates prospective construction sites listing and send them offerings about company’s sanitary products. Potential customers are nurtured in all the stages of sales funnel with targeted communication contents resulting sales lead to customer journey smoother.

  • Customized campaign creation and distribution.
  • Track and record promotional sales campaigns.
  • User friendly quality SharePoint CRM solution.
  • iGlobe CRM integration.

Web Shop (SAU53)

  • Technology: Magento CMS
  • Business domain: E-Commerce


SAU53 is a web based community retailing shop of organic fruits, regional traditional and non-traditional agricultural commodities. The web-store interface is backed by user friendly shopping cart and other useful tools and features to succeed in e-commerce business arena.

  • Item display, online order, stocks, product sourcing, and delivery management.
  • Custom marketing campaigns design and delivery.
  • Complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • Sales forecasting aptitude by analyzing sales data.